LEPIN 05085 Jedi Defender-Class Cruiser


  • Weapons include 4 Lightsabers and a blaster.
  • Fly to safety in the escape pods!
  • Use the lifting handle for even better space battles.
  • Open the hatches to store the holocrons.
  • Lower the landing gear or attach with the flick missiles!

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The Jedi Defender Classic Cruiser corvette turned into mainly designed with the aid of the Rendili Vehicle Corporation for use by the Jedi Order, because the Jedi Council believed that conventional vessels of the Republic Military have been unsuited to apply through Jedi on a lot of their missions. The Order imagined the brand new vessel to be a mobile base of operations that become fast, maneuverable, and well-armed. Rendili primarily based the exterior design of the Defender-magnificence on a patron version corvette, which itself changed into devised after the Republic Navy’s Thranta-elegance corvette, however the deliver underwent full-size upgrades and retrofits that distanced itself from the civilian version. Rendili specifically designed the vessel’s colour scheme of pink and white to create a vessel that could encourage fear within the Republic’s enemies and immediately announce the presence of a Jedi on battlefields throughout the galaxy.

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