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Canpol babies Anti-colic Wide Neck Bottle 120ml PP

Canpol babies Anti-colic Wide Neck Bottle 120ml PP


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EasyStart ROYAL BABY anti-colic bottle was created especially for youngest babies. It allows combining breastfeeding with bottle feeding, becoming a support for a breastfeeding mother. The bottle has a soft 0+ teat made of high quality silicone, which resembles the shape of a nipple. The teat is also equipped with a special anti-colic system, which reduces air bubbles and colic, abdominal pain, excessive burping and gas accumulation. All for the happy tummy of your little one! The ROYAL BABY bottle is lightweight, made of safe, BPA-free material. The clear and precise scale allows for quick food preparation and the wide opening makes it easy to keep the bottle and teat clean.The bottle is compatible with Canpol babies breast pumps, thanks to which pumped milk can be immediately given to the baby. Capacity 120ml.

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