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Farlin Ultra Thin Breast Pads PK-120

Farlin Ultra Thin Breast Pads PK-120


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Peel, Tape & Press! Its time to get your confidence back, mommies!

Ultimate Champ of Protection: Farlin Ultra Thin Breast Pads are designed with optimal material for best-in-class absorbency and performance, providing the comfort and convenience that every supermom deserves!
Goodbye Leakage & Discomfort: These disposable pads protect mommies against night and day leakage. Its super soft material and slim design with double taping keep it secure for everyday comfort to prevent embarrassing leaks from unexpected letdowns.
Ultra-Thin with Layers of Protection: Farlin Disposable Ultra Thin Breast Pads have five layers of protection. Guards against side leaks, and its absorbent polymer core works together to evenly lock in and wick away moisture – keeping the skin, clothing, and sheets protected and dry.
Natural-Feeling Fit: Farlin Breast Pads are made with soft, non-woven material and a honeycomb design for maximized comfort, these pads are extra-gentle against sensitive skin.
Discreet & Secure: These breast pads have double adhesive tape to ensure disposable pads stay firmly in place and are discreet beneath undergarments and clothing for the subtlety and confidence that breast milk-feeding moms deserve!

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