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Pigeon Flexible Feeder Clear Rpp 240 Ml Blue

Pigeon Flexible Feeder Clear Rpp 240 Ml Blue


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Anti-Colic System: Teats also have a venting system to minimize swallowed air and help reduce colic issues, specially designed for tiny tummies.

Bottle Material: Made from Premium Crystal Polypropylene (PP), it’s durable and lightweight material, with a purer clarity compared to the usual PP material. Specially designed for tiny hands.

BPA and BPS-free material makes it safer and healthier for babies

Cool Design:
Heat resistant to a temperature of 110OC
Available in 2 sizes 120ml and 240ml
120ml comes with S-sized Flexible teat. Suitable for newborn baby
240ml comes with M-sized Flexible teat. Suitable for 4+ months baby

Sterilization Method: Boiling, Steam, Chemical

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