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Canpol Babies

Canpol babies Sensory Silicone Teether Ball

Canpol babies Sensory Silicone Teether Ball


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Sensory teether made of flexible silicone is a perfect first toy for a baby, but also an indispensable helper during the difficult period of teething for the youngest. It is perfect when the gums are very itchy and the child has a strong need to gnaw. Handy and easy-to-hold shape makes it easy to play and supports the development of fine motor skills. It also help in learning such skills as grasping and eye-hand coordination. Interesting colors and spatial design arrise the interest of a baby and encourage it to play. The teether is flexible, it can be safely squashed and stretched, it will always return to its original shape after playing. It is made of safe, BPA-free material.

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