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Farlin PP 360O Gulu Drinking Cup 240ml

Farlin PP 360O Gulu Drinking Cup 240ml


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Soft & Unique Straw: Durable and ultra-soft straw that provides a natural feel to babies, and makes sipping easier.

Spill-proof Learning: Allows teeny-weeny to jiggle and wiggle freely without creating messes or spills.

Easy-to-Hold: Sturdy handles and contoured shape helps little ones' in gripping the cup with their little hands. As the little one grows, remove the handles for further sipping skills!

Easy-to-clean: Farlin Training Cup makes it easier to load formula milk or any favorite beverage.

BPA-free material makes it safer and healthier for babies

Straw Material: Silicone
Recommended for: 9+ Months, Cross-cut
Color: Pink
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