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Farlin Safety Pin

Farlin Safety Pin


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Safety pins are made of hard, bent metal or plastic and are called safety because the outside of the pin is covered. The safety pin uses its thin needle part to thread items together after they are passed through. Often used to join two pieces of fabric without buttons or zippers. This product is usually fairly durable and inexpensive.
Safety pins are widely used to fix handkerchiefs, bibs, diapers, etc., and can fix baby’s pacifier chains. Families with infants and young children can purchase some spares. In addition, safety pins are often required in household first aid kits. When a triangular drape or other fixing materials are required, and the tape cannot effectively adhere, safety pins can fix the dressing.

Farlin Safety Pins Specifications:
• Stainless steel safety pins with varied color options.
• Specially designed to secure pin from slipping.
• The extraordinary design of small safety pins is robust, bright, and handy, with solid plastic safety locks that can endure top straining, pulling, and even machine washing; these safety pins assorted are designed beautifully.
• Could be used widely to fix pacifier holder, handkerchief, napkin, cloth diaper, name card

Farlin Safety Pins Caution
• Pay attention to avoid the baby’s skin hurt by the pin
• Do not put near fire, flame or extreme heat
• Use the product under adult’s attention

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