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Pigeon Nose Cleaner

Pigeon Nose Cleaner


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Flu can be so disturbing for your baby, especially when his/her nose is stuffed. Clean his/her nose easily and fully using this perfect nose cleaner by Pigeon. It?s made of high quality, BPA material. It makes perfect suction force to clean the nose properly without any kind of discomfort. It comes with a sealing cap.


  • When using Cleaner, always hold baby in your arms. Never compress rubber pump while soft nozzle is inserted in babys nostril. Rubber pump must be compressed first before placing soft nozzle into babys nostril.
  • Features:
  • The soft tip wont damage mucous membrane
  • Dropper type
  • Suction can be controlled
  • Unique technique to clean your babys nose
  • Easy to use and clean
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